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(205) 617-8230

"Block The Heat Not The View"

“Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – If you are not totally pleased with your Comfort Zone Window Film I will personally replace it.”

Louis Brignet, owner
With  (39) years of Quality, Service and Integrity in The Greater Birmingham area, Solar Busters is a leader in home and business/office window tinting,  Louis Brignet, founder and owner of Solar Busters is the region's Oldest and ( Most Experienced-39 Years in the Birmingham Area ) Certified IWFA  "Comfort Zone " supplier and installer of the highest SERVICE, QUALITY and VALUE window film for home and commercial/business applications. "We take the time to educate customers on how our " Comfort Zone " solar energy film works and help them choose the ( Right ) film to fit their ( Personal, Individual ) needs and desires for that particular application ". We differentiate ourselves from the competition with Superior knowledge, Expertise of (39) years ( Actually Installing and Selling the product Ourselves ), Superior Visible Clarity, Warm Neutral Interior, Low Reflectance ( Shiny Look ) Glare Control, 99% UV Blockage, Premium Quality and Lifetime Warranties.True, Honest, Upfront Professionalism with Christian Principles,Ethics, Honesty and Integrity ! We always strive to give you the most " Bang for your Buck with the Biggest return on your Investment ". Lifetime warranty on all home installations and 15 Year warranty on all business installations ! *** NO FAULT WARRANTY ( Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed in writing,by Me; Louis Brignet, the Owner and Certified IWFA Installer or your money back  !!! )

​We also are a members of the BOMA (Building Owners Management Association) ASID ( American Society Of Interior Designers ) Our line of Comfort Zone films which include :  HanitaTek  Window Films Dealer, Decorative Films,, Geoshield Nano-Ceramic Films,V-Kool USA " Clear "  ( Up to 98% IR Heat Rejection,Very High Clarity-Invisible ) Premium Spectrally Selective Films ( ATTN: Our V-Kool USA 70 Window Film Beats Out ALL Other Window Film Manufacturers as  ( Certified by the NFRC ) in terms of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Solar Energy Rejected and Visible Light Transmission Specifications combined into one film )    Our "Comfort Zone" films can filter up to 98% of solar radiation, which can amount up to 30% less air conditioning energy consumption ! * As well as up to 34% less cooling time *  to reach the desired temperature and up to a 10 Degree room temp difference *

We are Fully LICENSED & INSURED and NO sub-contractors are used.  


Industry Leading Technology 

We use manufacturer`s state-of-the-art research and manufacturing capabilities to create Premium sophisticated, high-performance films. Low Reflectance, High Performance, Energy Efficiency, Warm neutral Interior With Low Reflectivity,Bold High Energy Saving Films,Glass Protection,Roof Glazing- SkyLite Solar Control,See The Light,Feel The Difference " Spectacularly Prestigious " 

The Solar Busters Comfort Zone team began installing Solar Control Roller Shades throughout Birmingham, Alabama in 1985 and was the  ( First and Only ) company to ever start selling and installing Premium Nano-Ceramic ( Huper Optik ) and Spectrally Selective Solar Control Window Films ( V-Kool ) in Birmingham, Alabama.We treat our customers home or business with honest, straight-forward Christian principles and ethics ( using Premium Quality manufactured materials) as if it were our very own home or business with a 100% Money- Back  Personal Warranty and Guarantee. SERVICE, QUALITY, VALUE,& INTEGRITY. We Sell our customers what particular Comfort Zone film will best suit that particular application for the very best for solar heat, glare & UV control and look. Our " New " V-Kool USA 40 and Comfort Zone E- Lite 70 Hi-Definition Spectrally Selective Films and Geoshield USA 100% Nano-Ceramic Iris 70 block up to 98% of the IR Heat and up to 70% of the Total Solar Heat and will pay for themselves within your first two years. ** Don't take it from us, please call or ask our customers (see our testimonials/references page) and our verified, written and signed testimonials !!!

Life in a Better Light- Quality & Value ( ROI- Return Of Investment )

Solar Busters Premium "Comfort Zone" window films helps to protect your commercial property or home from the harmful effects of the sun. Over time,  80% of the sun's heat and 99% of the damaging UV rays contribute to the fading of interior furnishings, fabrics, artwork and flooring and can cause uneven or very warm temperatures within a building. The sun also causes annoying glare that can be a distraction.

Window films help to alleviate all of these problems, because they block up to 99% of UV Rays and reflect up to 97% of the Sun's Heat,Glare Control,Warm Neutral Interior with Low Reflectivity. Check out our cool Geoshield USA videos to get the REAL picture ! ( How They Actually Look On Your Windows ) Who Else Can or Will Do that On Their Website For You ???Available in a wide variety of shades to suit any architectural requirement, solar window film and decorative window film enhances your property’s appearance.

So if you are ready to improve your view while protecting your indoor environment, make the wise choice - select the Solar Busters Comfort Zone Team in Birmingham Alabama with  ( Over 39 Years of Experience ) alone in the Birmingham, Alabama.

Save Money    

Improve Windows Performance and Reduce Cooling Cost By 30-70%   

Be Green - Decrease Environmental Emissions and Carbon Foot Print   

Block the Heat - Nano Ceramic Technology Provides Maximum Heat Rejection, Up To 98%    

Maintain the Vision - Clear Vision and Low Reflectivity Is Excellent for Day Lighting   

Protect Furnishings - 99% UV Rejection, the Leading Cause of Fading   

Increase Safety - Helps Hold Shattered Glass Together    

Withstand the Elements   

Manufacturer Backed Warranty   

Dual Pane Safe   

Dye Free and Metal Free ( No Shiny Reflective Mirror Look )    

​Will Not Fade or Corrode