Our services and consultation entail a very detailed, extensive explanation of my products and installation that also involve testing for every particular (safe) Glass Manufacturer, Glass Approved and Written Warranties (approved film to glass application) and explanation of every glass type, which includes Dual-pane, Low-E, Low-E Squared, Dual-Pane Tinted, Etc....

Contact me, Louis Brignet, by phone or email with your information and measurements for a free quote by phone.We give our customers a very detailed and educated explanation of our products and services, using our IR, BTU as well as UV meters to show our customers upfront how our products will do exactly what we say they will do ( will the competition take the time to do all of that and show exactly what their products might be able to do ? Will they give you an Actual Written Manufacturer`s warranty or their own warranty that means nothing ? ). We also give our customers who choose to do business with us, a no charge CAPSHOT Fenestration Energy Analysis to show the exact payback period ( ROI ) of the film that you have purchased and the actual saving on AC/Heating Cooling costs. There is VALUE to our service and INTEGRITY is of utmost importance!
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