I want to let you know the great results I have had since you installed the film on my windows. As you know, I have one side of my house with a number of windows that is in the sum almost all day. Our electric bill was running over $400.00 per month. We have a level bill through Alabama Power so that it stays fairly constant throughout the year. We have had the film for a little over a year. We also purchased a new HVAC system about the same time. So far, our electric bill has gone from over $400.00 per month to $225.00 per month. I am astounded at how much difference the film has made.  Previously, we could not keep our bedroom cool during summer because of all the heat that came in through the windows. That room has more windows than any room in the house and is in the sun all day long. Since we had the film installed it is one of the coolest rooms in the house.    I thought the film would make a difference; however, I actually called the power company to try to determine if they had made some kind of mistake because the bill is so low. They told me that the information regarding my bill is correct.    I am so pleased with your product. I would recommend you and the product to anyone who is experiencing very high electric bills. It has certainly made a tremendous difference for us.    Let me also take this opportunity to complement you on your professionalism and knowledge of the products you carry. You came in and completed the job in only one day. I expected that it would take longer than that. I also expected a reduction in my electric bill, but not the great results we have had.    Thank you very much for a job well done. I could not be happier with the results. Please feel free to have anyone interested in film on their windows give me a call. I will be happy to share my results with them.    

Thanks again, 


Sarah Robinson   
3127 McClendon Chapel Road   
Bessemer Al 3502 
The Bart Starr Residence

2065 Royal Fern Lane, Riverchase-Hoover, AL (205) 733-8981

The Mizerany Residence

534 Edgeknoll Lane, Homewood, AL. (205) 870-4888

The Splawn Residence

253 King's Crest Lane, Weatherly-Pelham, AL (205) 620-0356

The Mango Residence

5312 Greystone Way, Hoover, AL. (205) 980-0594

The Hannah Residence

7009 Founder's Drive, Liberty Park-Vestavia, AL (205) 595-7621

The Parsons Residence

South Oak Drive, Shoal Creek, AL (205) 995-1919

The Ballard Residence

2201 Long leaf Boulevard, Vestavia, AL (205) 823-9434

The Smith Residence

1056 Linkside Drive, Greystone-Hoover, AL (205) 991-3200

The Rosendale Residence

#6 Murfield Village, Shoal Creek, AL (205) 991-9136

The Carol Residence

5034 Lake Crest Circle, Hoover, AL (205) 444-9457

The McGriff Residence

4328 Ashington Drive, Brook Highland-Hoover, AL (205) 980-0869

The Fussel ResidencE

4901 Whispering Lake Circle, Southlake-Hoover, Alabama. (205) 987-7775

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Ceramic film for home windows.   

I have a lot of windows in our house. We get sun in the morning directly into the front of the house. Then in the evening, we get sun directly into the back of the house. Needless to say, the house heats up during the summer months. So I started to look into getting film put on the windows. I had two goals. The first was to reduce the heat in the house. The second was to protect our furniture and hardwoods from sun fading. I have hardwoods throughout the main level. So after a bit of research, I concluded that I did not want to do the DIY method from the local home improvement super chains. I felt that we needed something of quality and durability. And I concluded that I was not even going to try to measure window sizes and do the installation. I found Louis at Solar Winds and had him come out for measurements and a quote. He was very knowledgeable of the products and very professional. I consider this an investment into my home. Therefore, I wanted a professional install with a product that was going to work exactly as advertised. I also wanted something durable that would last for years. I have had the film on for several years now. Coming up on 4 years I believe. The product looks as good today as the day it was installed. No cracks, no peeling, etc. No fading of furniture, floors, carpet, etc. Power bill has gone down as well. There are several types of film with advantages and disadvantages as well as varying budgets. Louis does a great job of explaining and recommending the options. Great job and would highly recommend.

Anthony Lewis   
Nov 12, 2012