Are you looking to increase your home’s privacy and improve its style? Window films offer practical and money-saving benefits to your home, and they both increase its curb appeal and up its resale value.

Solar Busters has provided residents of Birmingham, AL with top quality window films since 1983. Contact us to schedule a window film installation today.

Improve Your Existing Windows

Even if your windows have seen better days, Solar Busters knows exactly how to help you make them better with home window tinting. Many home improvements that deal with windows can cost far too much and make only a negligible difference. But in the case of solar films, Solar Busters can offer a variety of noticeable benefits. Window films:

  • Improve your current windows and your home’s value.
  • Decrease energy usage with temperature control.
  • Protect furniture and other items from sun damage.
  • Maintain your home’s cool interior and prevent glare.

When you use window films, you can also avoid installing high-maintenance window treatments that block beautiful exterior views.

Plus, normal windows still allow about 67% of the sun’s harmful UV rays to infiltrate your home. In contrast, window films from Solar Busters block up to 99% of infrared radiation. Relax in your own home with the help of our home window tinting in Birmingham, AL.

Window Tints You Can Trust

Solar Busters has over 39 years of industry experience to offer each customer. We have faith in our products and the benefits customers gain from them, which is why we provide a lifetime warranty on all of our installations. Adding home or condo window tinting takes minimal time and expense, so consider investing in this simple home improvement project to reap large rewards.

If you’d like to learn more about how our solar tinting technology improves your home’s windows, contact us at (205) 617-8230 today.

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