Saftey Films

" Comfort Zone / Solar Zone Safe Films " Neutral Gray security films with excellent solar energy rejection cut heat 

up to 85% and 85% of glare and 99% of UV Block , saving up to 85% of the energy on HVAC costs while providing

protection from shattered glass !

Your windows are the most vulnerable part of a buildings envelope.

OptiTune Safe, Silver Safe, Cold Steel Safe 12 mil film is capable of saving you much more than energy.

By combining an 12 mil. thick safety film with the advanced infrared rejection technology used in solar films,

this safety film offers the double benefit of protection and energy savings. Safety window film has been

designed to perform under high stress creating a strong bond that helps hold shattered glass together.

With assistance from the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center," Comfort Zone / SolarZone has

passed many of the municipal protocols that may be applicable to code requirements in your area including

the Miami Dade small and medium missile impact tests. When it comes to protecting your home or business,  Solar/Safety film is the clear choice as well as our with our Hurricane Safety Films and Film Fasteners which keep the windows from being blown out from damaging winds or a potential bomb blast or intruders.

Advanced Security Solutions


EN 12600 – European Standard   

ANSI Z-97.1 – 100 lb 12″ pendulum impact test   

CPSC 1201: Cat. 1- 18″ pendulum impact test   

Cat. 2- 48″ pendulum impact test   

BS 6206 – British Standard   

EN 356 – European Standard steel ball drop   

DIN 52290 – German Norm steel ball drop   

GSA Level C (4 psi, 30 psi/msec)   

GSA Level D (10.2 psi, 90.6 psi/msec)   

Siach Gefen – IDF testing


The Safety Zone™ Daylight System for windows offers proven performance at a low cost of installation.

If you need higher protection from theft, consider either the NO-BAR™ or CLEAR-BAR™ solutions outlined below.


The Safety Zone™ NO-BAR™ Anchoring System for windows provides practically indestructible protection for your properties and the people inside them. First the window pane is coated with Safety Zone™ 12 mil film, and then the NO-BAR™ mechanical anchoring system attaches the film-covered glass into the window frame. A decorative, color-coded cap is then applied to match the existing window frame.

The Safety Zone™ NO-BAR™ Anchoring System. Virtually invisible protection you don’t have to see to believe.


The CLEAR-BAR™ System from Safety Zone™ is a mechanical window protection system that provides metal-bar strength coupled with nearly complete transparency because the protective window bars are made of transparent polymers that transmit 90% of visible light – similar to glass.

What’s more, the CLEAR-BAR™ System offers long-term durability under normal environmental conditions and with resistance to UV radiation.

Like the NO-BAR™, the corrosion- and maintenance-free aluminum frames are fully color-compatible.The Safety Zone™ CLEAR-BAR™ System. Clearly the right choice for the ultimate in window protection.


Maximum protection for today’s world.

One of the world’s most advanced glass-protection systems,CABLE-CATCH SYSTEM™, was created to prevent damage caused by explosions. The System is installed on windows in existing buildings by first applying Safety Zone™ window films 12/24 mil thick, then anchoring cables to the building’s structural support – without altering the appearance of the building.

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