Butt and Bypass available for corner applications. Shades or blinds operate separately.


Shades can be manufactured with the fabric width turned lengthwise (which is known as railroading) and seamed to accommodate wider windows.


Cassette Valance

Our fabric-covered Cassette Valance features an updated, sleek design and is available in three sizes: Small Cassette (3"), Medium Cassette (3 5/8") and Large Cassette (4 5/8").

Classic Wood Valance

Simply perfect profile for any decorating style. Available in 4".

Curved Wood Valance

Gentle curves offer a fresh look to a classic style. Available in 4".

Fabric-Wrapped Cornice 

Available on Roller, Solar, Roman and Sliding Panels, or as a stand alone treatment, it can be covered with the same fabric or a contrasting fabric to create a strikingly bold upholstered look.

Noble Cornice

This elegant design is available in 5 1/2" and 7 1/2". Choose stained, painted or Custom Color to achieve your desired look.

Regal Cornice

This magnificent design is available in 5 1/2" and 7 1/2". Stains and paints coordinate with Graber Wood blinds, or choose Custom Color.

3" and 4" Fascia

Solar Shade Fascia and Fascia Brackets address the commercial requirements for a professional look. 3" and 4" fascia brackets are available in five colors including White, Vanilla, Gray and Anodized Clear and Bronze.

Square Corner Valance

Available on Graber® Roller and Solar Shades, as well as Sliding Panels, it features a fabric insert for a coordinated look.


Recent/Current Installations

Greystone Country Club - Hoover, AL

Every Home A Gallery... Every Window A Canvas

Solar Control Roller Shades


Cordless Lift System

Cordless blinds and shades are a safe solution, ideal for homes with children or pets. Plus, the elimination of the lift cord presents a clean, attractive appearance.

Motorization System

Ideal for heavy or hard-to-reach shades. Raise or lower multiple shades with a hand-held control or wall switch. An automatic timer provides added security when you're away. 

Continuous-loop Lift System

Powerful clutch mechanism smoothly operates shades. Cord locking device maintains a constant cord length and keeps cord out of children's reach.

Smart Pull Lift System

This innovative new lift system lets you raise or lower the shade with a few simple tugs of the control cord. The control cord will stay the same length.

Solar Shade Fabric Openness Factor

Choose between fabrics ranging from 1% to 25% openness. A fabric's openness determines the clarity of the outward view and UV blockage. UV blockage is the inverse of openness - 3% openness is 97% UV blockage.



Reverse Roll

Choose whether you want the fabric to roll over the tube to the front or to the back. The standard orientation is to the back and should be used for maximum light control. A reverse roll will project the shade fabric away from the window.     

Color-selectable Bead Chain

Choose from five color options including White, Vanilla, Gray, Brown and Black. A stainless steel option is also available.  

Choice of Tassels or Hem Grip for Cordless Shades

Keep your shades clean and stylish with color-coordinated plastic tassels, wood tassels available in three colors, or a clear hem grip. There's no need to touch the shade's fabric to raise or lower it. Simply use the tassels or hem grip.